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The Effects of Prohibited Drugs to Your Health


There are numerous drugs which are prohibited from use under the Drug Prohibition Law. They are associated with certain negative effects on health, morality, and behavior of individuals. Some of them are only allowed for use under license.

However, despite these drugs being prohibited, some individuals are always associated with their use illegally. As a result, individual’s health is placed at risk due to the use of these drugs.

The following include some of the effects of prohibited drugs to your health:

Distorts the Body’s Immune System

Prohibited drugs such as heroin and cocaine affect the immune system of the body. Mostly, they are administered via the blood veins using syringes. After several times of usage, these substances gets concentrated in the blood affecting the functioning of the blood cells especially the white blood cells. This affects the immunity of the body predisposing one to diseases such as tuberculosis and pneumonia.


Development of Tumor Cells

Drugs such as marijuana, heroin, and cocaine are highly associated with cancer. Marijuana affects the lungs, gut, and the mouth. Heroin and cocaine affect different parts of the body including the belly, skin, liver, and the muscles. This causes the development of abnormal cells known as tumor cells which later breed to cancer.

Alteration of the Circulation

Cocaine, heroin, and marijuana among others are associated with a change in the circulation. After the introduction of these drugs into the blood stream or lymph, the cells and fluids react differently to them.

Mostly, high blood pressure, heart attack, and increased body temperature affect many addicts. This may lead to other dangerous results such as the bursting of the blood vessels, exhaustion of the liver, excessive sweating, diarrhea, and muscles weakness among other effects.

Impairment and Paralysis

Drugs such as opium, heroin, cocaine, and excessive alcohol are highly associated with impairment and paralysis. Some of them cause impairments of body parts such as the heart, liver, muscles, brain, and kidneys among others.

Also, long-term use of substances such as alcohol and heroin is associated with permanent failure of some body parts. This is also known as paralysis. Stroke is the most common effect that is resulted after usage of prohibited drugs such as excessive alcohol.


Effects on Mental Health

The drugs are associated with compromised and impaired judgment. Long term use interferes with brain development and functioning. This proceeds to alter the coordination and cognition of an individual. As a result, one goes insane or contracts other mental problems.


Prohibited drugs have many effects on health. Some of these effects are permanent, and they cannot be reversed. People should be careful not to use some of these drugs unless instructed by a doctor who is licensed to do so.

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FAQs About Using Whizzinators

The Whizzinator is a top-notch synthetic device that is mostly used by individuals with a history of drug tests. Why them? Well, the idea behind using a whizzinator is to assist them find a way of beating urine tests. However, to most people, this device remains to be a foreign concept. Here are some common FAQs about Using Whizzinators.


How Does Whizzinator Start and Stop the Flow of Urine?

escvsvdcqCMost Whizzinators are developed with a clip valve that can be opened when the device firmly held with one hand to prevent an overflow, use the other hand to open the clip valve and your urine will pour out successfully. To stop the flow of urine, lock the clip valve while holding the Whizzinator projection firmly on your other hand.

Is it Right to Use the Whizzinator to Pass a Drug Test?

The use of Whizzinators to pass a drug test is illegal in many countries. An attempt to use the device is a criminal act that may put you in trouble with law enforcers. Notably, the device has a storage unit that can be filled with artificial urine which can be used to defeat drug tests. Sportsmen, job candidates, and other professionals sometimes use whizzinators to cheat medical tests that look into urine content.

What is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is a combination of chemical compounds that are artificially developed in a laboratory to resemble real human piss. The urine is usually stored in Whizzinators and can be controlled to flow and stop flowing as required by the device user. When the clip valve of the device is opened, urine flows from the storage units to the outcropping projection that is penis-like. The flow can be stopped by simply locking the clip valve.

How Should I Clean the Urine Bag?

Rinse the bag with a lot of water until there are no traces of chemicals inside. You can also buy special cleaning liquids from online shops. Do not attempt to clean the bag using common soaps for home use. Soaps can contaminate the urine content and therefore make the device unhelpful.

These are some concerned raised about the use of whizzinators. However, this device is developed for personal use. Click here to learn more about having one and why it helps. Please do not share your device with someone else.