Cleaning Your Home After Water Damage

Water can cause a lot of damage especially if it is in excess. It can ruin valued possessions and even structures and properties. However, the damage can be minimized if action is taken quickly. The success of water damage restoration depends on how long the water remains in the structure. Therefore, one should immediately contact a restoration company to correct the problem. In addition to communicating with a restoration company, the following tips will help minimize water damage:

Unplug all electronics, disconnect the power, remove furniture, electronics, and andddddssy other movable items.The faster you get the above items away from the water, the better chance you have to save them. First, turn off the power supply, remove all the electronic items and other items like the carpets, furniture, and utensils. You can save the carpet if you take it immediately for cleaning and disinfection to prevent the growth of mold.

Cleaning Tips

Getting rid of the flooded water

There are many ways to get rid of the water. You can use rags to soak as much water as possible but if the water is too much, first use a bucket to fetch it then pour it down the drain. A dry or wet vacuum can also be used, but you should be careful when plugging it in power outlets. Do not use an extension cord as it can lead to an electric shock.Getting rid of the water and drying the soaked items quickly is one of the best things you can do to prevent the growth of molds.

Dry out the area

After mopping the water, you will want to dry the area as soon as possible. You can use dehumidifier and fans to dry the affected area and if it is not raining, open the windows to allow air circulation.

Disinfect the area

After the structure is dry including drywall, insulation, wood beams among others, get rid of any bacteria that might have come through the toilet and sewers using a strong disinfectant like gloves off disinfectant. Disinfect all the areas including walls as per the instructions were given.

Prevent the growth of molds

ffddfdfAfter disinfecting the affected areas, apply Concrobium all over as per the instructions. This product can be used on walls, floors, furniture and anything else that is susceptible to the growth of molds. Using it provides resistance to the growth of molds by forming a thin layer of any mold hence crushing the roots of the spores.